Below is the summarized process of setting up a company at RAK Offshore.

  1. Determine the free zone license type
  2. Confirm the activities
  3. Legal structure of the company
  4. Confirm the business facilities requires
  5. Verify the fees and other charges
  6. Submit the application form and other documents
  7. Secure the application form and other documents
  8. Payment of the fees
  9. Sign the agreements and other legal documents
  10. Receive your business license and other certificates or documents.

The license for your company formation in RAK Offshore normally gets issued within 2-3 working days. After getting the license, you can apply for the approved number of employees’ visa for your business.

Listed below are all the legal requirements and documentation that you will have to provide in order to register your company in the RAK offshore.

  • Passport copies for Directors and shareholders or copy of passport for individual applicant
  • Original Bank reference letter
  • Proof of residence for individual applicant or physical address of corporate applicant
  • Incorporation certificate or license issued by business authority in the corporate applicant’s original country-notarized by UAE Embassy
  • Board of Directors or shareholders’ resolution indicating intent to establish a RAK Offshore entity
  • A Memorandum of Association or Article of Association for the parent company – also notarized by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin
  • A Certificate of good standing from business authority in the country of origin notarized by the UAE Embassy
  • Personal Information Sheet for each shareholder and director
  • For multilevel Corporate entities documents of ownership for each level of ownership leading to the ultimate beneficiary owner
  • If a registered local agent is providing business formation assistance a notarized power of attorney for the agent is required


Peninsula Business Solutions is qualified with registered agents that are prepared to offer any services to help facilitate your business formation in RAK Offshore. The requirements and documentation can be perceived as extremely intimidating, but PBS can help you navigate through the process.

  • We will register the company and send you the documents of incorporation on payment of the fees. We can also get all your company registration documents attested and legalized
  • Occasionally you will have to sign a few documents that will be sent by our part for you to sign and send back with your required signature. These documents will mostly be regarding to application and consent forms. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information when it comes to all these documents.
  • Additional documents may be required by our part in case of situations where some of the provided documents are not accepted.