freezone company in ras al khaimah
Free Zone Company in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)
Companies operating in a Freezone are treated as being outside of the UAE for legal purposes and this makes Freezone incorporation particularly suitable for businesses intending to use the UAE as a regional manufacturing or distribution base, with the bulk of their trading activity carried on elsewhere in the world.
compliance and safety RAK
Compliance and Safety
RAK Offshore is making it possible for non-resident corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide to enjoy all the advantages which were available only to resident entities. RAK Offshore seeks out to help businesses succeed to the best of their ability. The sole purpose to establish an offshore in Ras Al Khaimah
rak offshore benefits
RAK Offshore: Advantages
If you are looking for an offshore location to set up your business in the growing economies of Middle East countries without hassle or worrying about the cost, than RAK Offshore is the ideal option for you.RAK Offshore Company set up is a comprehensive solution that not only offers an offshore company location
rak company
Rak Offshore Company Formation
In order to provide the best environment for the offshore incorporation of companies, RAK has a mix of infrastructure projects and new policies in place. Its Registered Agents provide an exclusive service as they offer complete privacy and confidentiality to the owners of their IBC’s under law.
Registrar of Companies
The Registrar of Companies is the production unit of RAK Offshore and is responsible for establishing and maintaining business relationships, incorporating offshore companies through licensed registered agents, and make sure all the rules and regulations are strictly followed through by everyone.
rak financial services authority
RAK Financial Services Authority
RAK Financial Services Authority is directly in charge of overseeing the regulated financial activity within RAK offshore and RAK financial city in order to ensure that RAK offshore can provide maximum flexibility for investors while maintaining strict compliance with local as well as international rules and regulations.