RAK Offshore Compliance and Safety

Ras Al Khaimah Compliance and Safety

RAK Offshore is making it possible for non-resident corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide to enjoy all the advantages which were available only to resident entities.

RAK Offshore seeks out to help businesses succeed to the best of their ability. The sole purpose to establish an offshore in Ras Al Khaimah was to make starting and operating a business much easier and more cost-effective in order to support investors to have the freedom to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the benefits of RAK Offshore is having a non-double taxation treaty that is one of the most comprehensive lists in the world, some of the other countries include, China, India, Italy, France and Germany.

rak compliance and safety
Preventing money laundering and other illegal activities are of the utmost importance to the government to ensure that RAK’s reputation is not affected by them.

CBBC is a licensed Registered Agent that abides by a set of strict guidelines to carry out proper due diligence and ‘know your customer’ checks so that RAKIA is satisfied as to the identity of the clients and the legitimate origin of the clients’ funds. Although total confidentiality is ensured by the legislation, the authorities will cooperate with law enforcement agencies and regulators in case of illegality.